Luis Rubiales’ financial disaster led him to sell his penthouse for two and a half million.

After being rejected by FIFA and resigning as president of the RFEF, he has put his apartment in Ferraz Street up for sale for €2.5 million. His ex-wife has won a case against him and has to pay double maintenance to his daughters. This is your heritage.

At this point in the game, that’s possible Luis Rubiales (46) has collected all Your belongings from your office Royal Spanish Football Federation. Also from Luxury Penthouse Where he lived until recently or Car with driver In which he traveled for official and unofficial events. Business cell phone done or housing assistance he received to pay his rent. After his resignation last Sunday, September 10, the economy Chairman of RFEF till now It is in discharge stages.

Before your surprise kiss Jennifer Hermoso I’ll put him in International press shoot And after FIFA disqualified him, Rubiales faced off at the end of the month Gross salary of 700,000 euros per year. In this salary, seven times more than the salary of the head of state should be added Home help He earns 36,000 euros per year. Thanks to this money, he was able to add Another 3,000 euros per month Five years as president of the federation and four years later for the already filled individual bill Vice President of UEFA.

Luis Rubiales during an extraordinary meeting of the RFEF on August 25, 2023 GTRES

Although the former footballer lost his seats, It has a good mattress This will help you face this new cycle. His first move after leaving office He put the floor he lived in up for sale On Ferraz Street. He bought a luxury apartment in May 2021 by Gilmar Real Estate and features state-of-the-art home automation, underfloor heating and state-of-the-art appliances. The property is 114 square meters and is valued at 1.8 million euros. Three bedrooms with separate bathroomsLiving room, dining room and a large two-story terrace With views of the swimming pool and Depot Temple.

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Last Wednesday, September 13, newspaper confidential Feras’ apartment announced its appearance Announced on Idealista and Yancondre. The release from both sides was deleted shortly after, including the acquisition price for the property 2.5 million euros, half a million more than the appraised price. The newspaper called LVmark, the real estate company responsible for the management of the penthouse, but they declined to provide information about them. If it is purchased Or if they just deleted the post.

The cornice where the apartment that Rubiales has for sale in Madrid is located Javier Barpancho

In order to access this apartment that he now wants to get rid of, Luis Rubiales had to do A series of administrative gimmicks. Initially, in February 2012, consultancy firm CBRE appraised the property and its assets. Just 2 million euros. This was a necessary step for a request by a former player 1.6 million in mortgage to a bank, which was paid with RFEF’s housing assistance. Subsequently, he provided the amount 400,000 euros in cash.

There is also a neighboring community where he lives Your own gym, green areas and a community pool. Some residents of the neighborhood told LOC that he was behind Levante and Ceres He has been living there for two years Without hesitation, they learn that the apartment is for sale. In a building located a few meters from the PSOE headquarters, Rubiales has a storage room and Two parking spaces at the property. One of these parking lots may have become an orphan after the federation left him without an official car on August 30.BMW X has left headquarters from Las Rosas while he was still at the wheel of the Federation. An official car you can’t reuse.

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Rubiales, on the other hand, don’t always have a stable home. The first years of his mandate in the RFEF He established his residence on the outskirts of Madrid. Specifically, in Las Rosas, near the Ciudad del Futbol, ​​where he works. Later, in January 2020, he rented an exclusive apartment in Torre de Madrid for 3,100 euros per month, according to the newspaper. confidential.

Penthouse terrace with pool for sale by Luis Rubiales Gilmore

Delicate matter

If 2020 was a great year for Rubiales, it looks like 2023 will be The stars are aligned against you. The national court has decided to declare him a defendant, with the footballers, coaches and FIFA not identified from their defense line. Allegation of sexual assault To soccer player Jenny Hermoso. This is not the only case he has encountered this year. Last June, his ex-wife, a Valencian lawyer Manuela Delicato, He also made him sit on the bench. He demanded that each of his daughters pay jointly. 1,500 Euros per month for their maintenance Instead of 400 euros. This amount was what he contributed when his economic condition was not so stable.

Not that much or bald. Luis Rubiales will now deliver 800 Euros each to his three daughters, two of them are minors and study in subsidized centers, while their first-born daughter studies at a university in Valencia. In the judgment of the court, the LOC has access, it is asserted Development of economic flowIn tradition and privilege, it is The former manager was in recent years. It’s not a situation like the one she experienced when she got divorced in 2013.

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Luis Rubiales in 2023 GTRES

to enter 97,000 euros per year in 2011 Your account has a negative balance and you have started logging in 137,330 Euros in 2014,458,655 euros in 2019 Y 955,078 euros in 2020. A substantial increase in that Not reflected in maintenance That’s what his ex-wife said about him. In addition, Luis Rubiales has managed two companies in recent years: Ciudad del Futbolista SL, owned Total assets are 611,553 Euros And the reciprocity of professional athletes, which It has a fund of over 2 million.

It is stated in the judgment Pension may decrease If Rubiales’ financial situation does not allow him to continue paying this amount. With the jackpot that has accumulated so far, it seems possible Continue to give life to your father.

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