Liverpool’s official stance on Tottenham replay as Jurgen Klopp clarifies his personal preferences

While it appears there will be no formal complaint to the authorities, the club’s board have now put the matter in the hands of their legal counsel, Jonathan Bamber.

Jurgen Klopp called for Spurs to replay the match after a VAR error

Jurgen Klopp wants last weekend’s controversial game at Spurs replayed because of the „unprecedented” circumstances surrounding VAR’s total failure.

But Liverpool have yet to confirm they will make an official request to the Premier League for the match to be replayed as they explore all options open to them, following the release of the official referee’s feed.

There will be no formal complaint to the authorities as the club’s board have now put the matter in the hands of their legal counsel to investigate – Jonathan Bamber, general counsel and director of football at Liverpool Football Club. Limited options are open to them.

It is uncertain whether any replays will be possible within the league’s regulations, but Klopp believes it will have to be done due to the unique circumstances surrounding Luis Diaz’s perfectly good goal, which was disallowed due to „significant human error”. In the VAR control room.

„It was an obvious mistake and I think there would have been solutions afterwards. If not, I can say straight away, I think the only result would have been a replay.

Klopp says he believes the match should be replayed((Liverpool FC via Getty Images)

“Probably some people don’t like me saying that, it’s not going to happen. But not as Liverpool’s manager, but as a footballer, I say this is unprecedented.

„There may be an argument against (replay) if you open that gate and everyone will hear it. But I think the situation is unprecedented and the replay will be perfect. It has (never) happened before.

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„I’m 56 years old, I’m 50 years old in football, I’m absolutely used to – even if I don’t always handle it well – wrong decisions, difficult decisions. But as far as I can remember nothing like that happened.

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