Listyo Sigit’s Rotation Cements 'Geng Solo’ dominates before elections


Hundreds of police officers in Indonesia have received new posts on June 24, 2023, according to five confidential cables from National Police Chief General Listio Sikit Prabowo. The contents of the letter revealed the rotation of posts for hundreds of police officers, including 13 top officers. „In total, there were 539 personnel whose positions were rotated,” National Police Public Information Bureau chief Brig. General Ahmed Ramadan said on Monday.

The list of 13 officers and their new responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Commissioner General Agus Andriando: Deputy Chief of Police
  2. Commissioner General Wayu Widada: Head of the Criminal Investigation Agency
  3. Commissioner General Sundana: Head of Defense Intelligence Agency
  4. Inspector General Verdianto Iskandar Pitikaka: Assistant to the Chief of Police for Operations
  5. Inspector General Agung Setya Imam Effendi: Head of North Sumatra Regional Police
  6. Inspector General Atung Kinanjar: Head of the West Sulawesi Regional Police
  7. Brigadier General Aida Bagas KD Putra Narendran: Head of Police, Bali Region
  8. Brigadier General Soseno Norhandoko: Deputy Chief of the Central Sulawesi Regional Police
  9. Brigadier General Agus Saleem: Deputy Chief of Pengulu Regional Police
  10. Brigadier General Chamudi: Deputy Chief of North Maluku Regional Police
  11. Brigadier General Asep Safrudin: Deputy Chief of Riau Islands Regional Police
  12. Brigadier General Roma Hudajulu: Deputy Chief of West Kalimantan Regional Police
  13. Brigadier General I Gusti Gade Budhi Hariyarsana: Deputy Chief of Police, Bali Region
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