Listen to Charli XCX and Sam Smith’s new single 'In the City’

Charli XCX has released a new single with Sam Smith – listen to 'In The City’ below.

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The thumping, club-ready dance track was co-produced by Charlie, The 1975’s George Daniel, ILYA, AG Cook and Omar Fedy.

„This song is about finding the people you really love and partying in wild nights and magical places,” Charlie explained in a statement.

„It’s about feeling accepted, the grandeur of being welcomed into strange places and the once-in-a-lifetime people you meet when you’re there.”

Smith added: “Charlie is a force and it’s great fun working with him. This song is about freedom and those unforgettable nights of abandonment. I loved every minute we spent together.”

Tune in here:

Charlie announced 'In The City’ last week after sharing a snippet of the song on social media. This is his first release after 'Speed ​​Drive’ Barbie Sound recording.

According to a press release, his team with Smith is a solo single. DJ Hardstring’s remix of the song is out on October 28, with more versions to follow.

Last month, Charlie hinted that he was working on his sixth studio album. His most recent full-length record, 'Crash’, arrived in March 2022. After that, the singer left Atlantic Records and signed a brand new record deal for „two albums”.

This week Charli XCX posted malicious comments aimed at Sam Smith online, saying it was „upsetting” to watch. „…I just want to say, Sam, I love you,” she said. „I love our song together, and I’m in awe of your strength.”

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