Linda Russell murder: Glynn Russell will not be released from prison

  • By Richard Greenaway
  • BBC News

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Glyn Razzell has refused to reveal the whereabouts of his estranged wife’s body

A killer who refuses to reveal the whereabouts of his murdered wife’s body will not be released from prison.

Glyn Razzell, 64, is serving a life sentence for killing his wife Linda, who disappeared on her way to work in Swindon in 2002.

In August, Russell told a public parole board hearing that he could not reveal the whereabouts of his wife’s body because he „didn’t know” she was dead.

On Tuesday, the parole board confirmed Russell’s stay in an open-air prison.

The committee’s report concluded that there was „ample evidence that Mr Russell was capable of gross deception”.

And, they added, „His willful and deliberate withholding of relevant information indicates that he remains at risk.”

Razzell, they said, „had done little work to address his assessed risk factors” and „despite overwhelming evidence, he did not admit he had any risk factors.”

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Linda Razzell was engaged to her partner Greg Worrall when she died

„The panel is mindful that a denial of guilt is not a bar to acquittal, however, the panel is not satisfied that disclosure at this stage is safe for the safety of the public,” they added.

Mother-of-four Mrs Russell, 41, from Carmarthenshire, was living in Highworth, Wiltshire, at the time of her disappearance.

Her fiancé, Greg Worrall, was working at a local Honda car factory when he said he didn’t pick up his children from school.

He told the BBC: „I said goodbye to her when she was driving me to work. Then she dropped her kids off at school and that was our goodbye.

„At the end of that year we decided to get engaged and I bought an engagement ring and I think she’s still wearing it.”

Wiltshire Police have been conducting searches for weeks and are urging anyone who knows what happened to Mrs Russell to come forward.

The parole board said Mr Razzell would be eligible for another parole review.

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