Lil Wayne reveals his top 5 rappers of all-time list

Lil Wayne is on a lot of rap fans’ top five lists, but when it comes to expressing himself, he excludes himself from the mix.

Tunechi joined The game isn’t just football with Heyward Podcasting last week, he made two changes to his list of top five rappers than he shared advertisement board In 2023.

„My top five rappers of all time are Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, Eminem, The Notorious Big, and it’s in no particular order here — and Drizzy,” he told the Pittsburgh Steelers defensive lineman.

while speaking advertisement board For last year’s Hip-Hop 50, Weezy had Missy, Jay and Biggie on his list, but swapped out Goody Mab and UGK for Eminem and his Young Money pro Drake.

„It’s because I grew up naturally [them]. You know, 'How did you start listening?’ When asked, everyone has a story… someone I know told me to start asking. But like I said, every decision I make is natural,” he said after coming in at No. 7 last August. advertisement board And VibrationList of the best rappers of all time.

Lil Wayne never misses an opportunity to give Missy Elliott her flowers, crowning her as one of his greatest influences in 2022 when he appeared on Fox Sports host Nick Wright’s podcast. „He’s been a huge influence on everything I’ve ever done,” he admits. .

As for his personal career, the Young Money boss isn’t slowing down any time soon. He also revealed that he has set his sights on Heyward Tha Carter VI As for his next project, it’s coming „soon.”

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„It’s too soon, though, so that’s next from me,” he said. „It’s coming out next, actually. I don’t know what the actual date is, but it’s my next project.

Watch the full interview below with Wayne’s Top Five talk starting at 23:40.

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