Life introduces a technology called Direct to Cell that works with Starlink LTE phones

Since its launch in 2019, the company Starlink, owned by Elon Musk, has gradually expanded its services to different countries by providing connectivity in areas not reached by traditional networks. Now, in the latest development of the company, it has introduced a new technology Go directly.

These development or tools aim to provide Cellular connectivity to existing LTE phones Through satellite technology. In this way, the applicability of the service increases drastically and, therefore, it can be said to become almost universal.

A step-by-step implementation in Starling

The company, as recently announced, a New website Describes what your goals are for this service. As explained, implementation Starting in 2024 with text messaging services. Additionally, the next phase in 2025 will introduce voice and data capabilities, with support for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.


As long as there is unobstructed space in the sky, its integration with existing LTE phones sets Direct to Cell service apart from competitive offerings. Thus, Eliminates the need to make hardware changes, update firmware or install additional applications -It ensures users full access to text, voice and data messages-.

However, it is important to highlight what the service aims to provide Speeds range from two to four megabits per second, with the main objective of providing reception in the most remote locations. It’s nothing spectacular, but it’s good enough considering the current coverage situation in some places.

The company has no competition

Starlink is not the only player in the market. Although the direct-to-cell service represents a significant improvement over what currently exists, it is not the only company committed to offering this type of service. This is why AST Space Mobile It plans a similar service using satellites so that unmodified smartphones can get connectivity (expected to become a reality next year).

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Starlink directly to cell app options


Also, before SpaceX was introduced to the public You will need approval from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The required radio bands should be used With Starlink. However, getting this approval could be a problem, as other companies such as Dish Network and the partnership between Apple and Globalstar have raised concerns about specific aspects of SpaceX’s efforts to develop satellite cellular service.

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