Lessons in creativity from Snoop Dogg, Lil Yachty and Gucci Mane

„One of my secrets,” Snoop tells Dogg Lato in a Musicians chat about their latest album, „is that I'm the biggest kid in the room all the time.” A new episode of Rolling Stone Music Now features that interview (moderated by Rolling Stone staff writer Andre Key) and two of our first live musicians at the Musicians event: Lil Yachty's conversation with Tierra Vaughn (moderated by The Rolling Stones. Supervising Producer of News Video, Delisa Shannon), and a meeting of minds between John Bautista and Gucci Mane.

The episode also includes a hugely viral moment where Yachty delivers his no-holds-barred opinion on the state of hip-hop: “That shit sucks… hip-hop is a terrible place right now,” with Yachty's discussion. How Pink Floyd The dark side of the moon changed his entire perception of the possibilities of music. (For the full episode, go to Here Listen to your preferred podcast provider Apple Podcasts Or Spotify(or press play above.)


Elsewhere, Bautista and Gucci find a surprising common ground, seriously disagreeing that great art requires hardship. “Should I go through that period to please my fans? Hell no,” says Gucci.

Batiste adds, “I think hard times can push you to do something you wouldn't do if you weren't under pressure. But I think you can do better things and be happy with your life. I think that's a myth that I don't really buy. I think we need to stop the myth of the tortured artist.

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