Latest releases of this season

September brought new surprises in the tech world. A publishing season is marked Adding AI tools, mixed reality and software improvements.

Throughout the month, big brands in the industry such as Apple, Google, Apple and Meta presented their latest news in terms of devices. We present what they are.

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Traditionally, Apple has integrated a new model into its flagship business line with the launch of its latest mobile phone.

Among the new features, The device also incorporates a USB-C charging port for the first time In accordance with measures established by the European Union. Additionally, the Dynamic Island feature has been added to both the iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15.

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After its presentation, the cell phone came under fire for a software-related bug that caused overheating. In this regard, the company said that it is working to find a solution.

As for prices, for Colombia, Prices range from $4,688,960 to $6,898,960Depending on your reference.

iPhone 15


As part of the Quest line of virtual reality headsets, Meta presented the third version of this device Seeks to act as a bridge to entry into Mixed Reality: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Comes with Quest 3 Improvements in design, hardware, software and optics. In addition, they include a new 4K 'Infinity Screen’, which increases the resolution by almost 30, and a dual RGB camera with a depth projector to connect physical and virtual spaces.

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Mata’s new bet will go on sale from 10th October next 500 and 650 dollars.

Meta Quest 3


Google launched its new high-end Pixel phone. New? It will have powerful artificial intelligence (AI) models.

The functionality will also include a digital assistant that will enhance the AI-powered tools already present in the line’s phones and integrate the many tools of the 'Bard’ chatbot.

He Pixel 8 Pro It is equipped with a temperature reader that works like a thermometer.

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Pixel 8 Pro


Amazon’s virtual assistant has been updated, taking advantage of the technology behind it The new wave of chatbots Capable of maintaining a conversation in real time.

With this update, Alexa can answer more complex questions and have more fluid conversations. Likewise, it will include a voice modulation option to make interactions more natural.




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