’Laboratory to Market’, a new technology transfer program with real impact

For Clement Molins, vice-rector for transfer, innovation and entrepreneurship at UPC, the move „One more step in the process of the university as an active agent: it facilitates the transfer of technology and knowledge, but it does so after determining which innovations can be most strategic., preferably or in high demand. A trait that, at the same time, inspires those research groups whose discoveries may be close to impacting certain sectors of the manufacturing fabric.


This program stabilizes Center As an expert in technology transfer between the academic and business worlds, turning ideas into opportunities. It is a plan to gradually incorporate new inventions protected by patents. This time, four innovations developed by two UPC research groups include:

A cardiovascular health assessment system based on common devices

It is an easy-to-use and affordable system that can use electronic scale force sensors to assess physiological parameters related to cardiac and vascular health, including, for example, elasticity and blood pressure. The discovery, developed by the UPC’s Instrumentation, Sensors and Interfaces (ISI) research group, is vital for predicting future cardiovascular risks.

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