La Nación / Incoop aims to be a strong organization that oversees technology

By order of the Executive Branch, the Engineer Carlos Romero Roa has been appointed Interim President of the National Cooperative (INCUP).. In contact with La Nación/Nación Media, he said what path he plans to work in these years and what his interim position will be.

After the resignation of Incoop's former president Blas Cristaldo, Romero Roa L.N. They will continue with the same mission criteria, focusing on the process of overseeing partnerships with broader technology.

„When the board of directors was elected, we said we wanted to leave a strong incoop and, above all, aim to oversee the cooperatives. Technology will allow us to have deeper control and get more accurate data in less time.”, Romero sent Rowe to LN.

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Regarding the type of technology they are targeting, he explained that it is CICAP (Cooperative Information System). A cooperative organization in Paraguay that allows you to get some basic information and the financial operation of the sectorSimilar to the banking system controlled by the Central Bank of Paraguay (BCP).

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“We want to implement it above all for efficiency over time. At least in the first phase where the 50 largest co-operatives in the country are controlled, we have to manage the transfer times.They are type A,” he explained.

Having a predictable system with alerts on cash flow, which sectors are moving, when it's contributed, how much is settled and how much money is withdrawn can strengthen Incoop's efficiency, he said. „This is the path designed by us”, he mentioned.

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As to how his interim position in the organization will continue, after his appointment, the National Assembly of Co-operatives should be held, as required by law, every 4 years, (which was already held recently), but it Given the conditions, this will not happen and he will be the leader for the remainder of this administration.

„This is the first time we are resigning and very close to starting a new administration. And the convenors of the assembly are the federations; now we are in the process of the end of the assembly and at least the call to return to the assembly, Apart from the fact that there is an unforeseen budget issue, it will take some more time. Hence, this interim post has a relatively long mandate. In earlier cases, meetings were no longer held after 4 years (in interim posts),” he clarified.

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