Alvarez-Builla asks where the scientists have been over the past six years, and users show a photo of him with Enrique Peña Nieto.

Director General of the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACID), via a Twitter thread Maria Elena Alvarez-BuilaIssued a speech to scientists and academics protesting the rapid approval of the new General Science Actand asked them where they were at the end of the six-year term Enrique Pena Nieto.

„The opposition violates the Mexican people’s right to truthful information, which is a sign of the lack of their proposals. But colleagues from public and private HEIs do not understand the outrageous lying! We must not agree either!” wrote that

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In his release, the official questioned whether scientists who criticized the new law were „taken advantage of” by the power elite. „Can they be part of an elite that has enjoyed power and resources at the expense of the majority of students, professors and researchers and to the detriment of the advancement of knowledge, our sovereignty, our people and Mexico as a whole?”

And he added: “Where were they? When Gonasid scholarships were used as lures for private businesses within public HEIs, thousands of students were accepted without scholarships into the country’s top postgraduate courses. Includes students of the humanities and all arts.

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He also asked where they had been during the last six years. “Where were they during EBN’s six-year reign? At the same time, our technological sovereignty in vaccines, energy and other strategic areas has been eroded, while multi-billion dollar resources continue to be wasted and diverted to the benefit of corporations.

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However, a few hours after the thread was published on Twitter, some users responded to the Konazid director’s questions with photos of him with former President Enrique Peña Nieto.

These photos are from the moment Alvarez-Puyla received the National Science Award from Peña Nieto in 2018.

„Where were you? When the entire scientific community was weightless for basic science programs that taught graduate students. Where were they?”, the official reiterated in his release.

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