„Global Impact”: Science and Technology Minister CRUCH Biobío-Ñuble Receives Doctorate in AI from Universities

Minister of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, Eisen Etcheverry EscuderoCRUCH Biobío-Ñuble was honored for the presentation of the Doctorate in Artificial Intelligence promoted by the University, which took place on Friday, September 22, at the Catholic University of Santísima Concepcion.

One of the objectives of this initiative is, in part FIC-R Advanced Human Capital in Artificial Intelligence for BiobioRegional government can solve problems arising from the region and can be solved by public and private institutions.

Minister Etchevari highlighted that thinking about how to create well-being for future generations is an important part of the government’s challenges, which is why he assessed the University of Concepcion, the Catholic University of Santissima Concepcion, the University of Pio-Pio. and Technical University Federico Santa Maria, are working together on this Ph.D.

„When confederation doctoral programs are carried out, we have seen that the results produced have a global impact. Today in Chile there are very good skills, good universities, many questions, interesting people, which puts us in a favorable position. Now, as a government we continue to develop this needs to be supported, and our close work with CRUCH is not only about developing technology, but also a development tool that is precisely aligned with the needs of our region,” he said. Administrative authority.

For his part, the director of the Artificial Intelligence Ph.D. Dr. Pedro Rossel CidHe also appreciated this collaborative work:

„For us it is very important to be in a consortium, because we cannot achieve this project from our individual strengths. We have been able to work together with other universities, sometimes it is said that it is difficult, but the truth is that when there are decisions from authorities and different elements, ​​​​​​Things can be achieved,” he noted.

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It is significant He holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence Promoted by CRUCH Biobío-Ñuble Universities, it is the first of its kind in all of South America and seeks to generate knowledge at a theoretical and applied level.

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