La Nación / Hepatitis warns of two types that are highly contagious but treatable and preventable.

In recent years, hepatitis cases have been increasing across the country, and in many cases patients prefer to turn to naturopathic doctors, and only return to hospitals when the condition worsens. Health experts remind people that these are preventable and treatable diseases as long as it is done on time.

Hepatologist Dr. Marcos Grala explained at the Gastroenterology Department of the Hospital de Clinicas. There are several types of hepatitis, all of which are highly contagious. In addition, many people prefer to go to a naturopath called Pai’aruru or Tricia, so that patients are too ill for a consultation.

Hepatitis A is chronic and does not persist in a person over time, causing a person to become sick, becoming very serious, and sometimes leading to death.But what it doesn’t do is stay in a person’s body for years,” said the expert.

This type of hepatitis is easily transmitted through the mouth and is passed through the feces, which represents a risk among children in schools. „If there is unsanitary conditions among children in a day care center or school, there is a high chance of infection.„, he pointed out.

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In the case of hepatitis B, which affects the liver, it can cause an initial presentation similar to hepatitis A, but it may not be cured and the patient may remain ill for a long time.. „This recovery in a previously healthy adult can be complete. 95 to 98% will be clinically cured and the disease will disappear,” he highlighted.

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Krala highlighted that patients with this type of hepatitis may have no symptoms and may be diagnosed only after undergoing a routine check-up. But there are patients A common picture of hepatitis, symptoms include yellowing of the skin, Coca-Cola-colored urine, light-colored stools, weakness, poor appetite, and recovery.

Even minimal procedures such as piercings and tattoos can cause infection when single-use or sterilized disposables are not used, he said. „It is transmitted sexually and vertically (from mother to child during childbirth). As for other blood related complications like blood transfusion, organ transplant”, he pointed out.

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As he mentioned There are preventive vaccines that reduce the incidence of the disease, are effective and very safe.. „In the case of active hepatitis, treatment is essential An easy-to-take drug in the National HIV/AIDS and STI Program (Pronacida). Likewise, complex follow-up studies are carried out there and are available for free to all,” he confirmed.

At Hospital de Clinicas they have hepatologists and appointments can be made through the gastroenterology department window.. Gastroenterologists who graduate from the FCM-UNA training program and are rehired are certified gastroenterologists, hepatologists, and digestive endoscopists.

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Vaccines are available to prevent infection and are very effective. Photo: Illustration

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