La Fay Hospital in Valencia is awarded for its healthcare technology

The Hospital Universitat Polytechnic La Fe de Valencia has been recognized in the 'Health Technology’ category at the 1st edition of the Business Monitor Awards for Corporate Reputation – Health Observatory (Merco-Odes) held last night in Madrid. In the presence of the Minister of Health, Marciano Gomez. For his part, Pilar Nós, head of the Digestive Medicine Service at La Fay, is distinguished as the most renowned specialist in Spain in his specialty.

The Minister of Health, Marciano Gómez, has joined in approving the work carried out hope At the organizational level and by its experts. „We are at the forefront of health technology, but the biggest asset we have in the Valencian health system is, without a doubt, the talent of the human teams that work in it,” he highlighted.

Los Merco-Oates Awards The organization says they are the result of a „thorough, rigorous, independent and objective” assessment carried out by Merco and the Health Observatory. The awards are divided into three categories: the most relevant projects of autonomous communities in the field of health, leading hospitals and most renowned medical professionals.

In the process of selecting leading hospitals, Merco examined objective quality and clinical management indicators from questionnaires answered by a total of 110 medical centers. After this first analysis, five companies were selected as finalists for each of the fields of hospital management, R&D&i, health technology and patient experience.

In the final evaluation, the jury judged the Hospital University i Polytechnic La Fay to be the top in the Health Technology category.

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For his part, Pilar Nose has won distinction in the leading doctors category. To the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Research Group at IIS La Fe and Dr. Noes has taken over and chairs the Valencian Society of Digestive Pathology.

Additionally, for professionals, they have received nominations for their distinguished leadership in 2023. Pa MontecinosIn specialties of hematology; Louis Marty Bonmati Y Assumption of Torregrosain radiology diagnostics, and current manager of the Valencia La Fe Health Department, Jose Luis BovedaPeriod as Head of Hospital Pharmacy.

In total, 21 hospital specialists from all over Spain have been awarded. More than 4,300 doctors and more than 100 company managers voted for his selection.

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