Kourtney Kardashian shows off her pregnancy status with Travis Parker in some photos

Celebrities sweeping networks and red carpets around the world have proposed many things this summer: leave us speechless with their best outfits, and never go a second without giving us important news about their lives. By seeing how many of them ended their relationships (Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez or Rosalia and Rao Alejandro, to whom she dedicated several songs in her career) or became mothers, Rihanna gives birth to her first daughter and second child with ASAP Rocky.

Now Kourtney Kardashian taught us what pregnancy is all about with some incredible pictures. In it she brags about a pregnant belly. The truth is, it’s incredible and it looks good on her. Apart from that, she went on tour with her husband Travis Barker. Both are taken A few days off in Montecito They enjoyed the delicious delicacies (at any time, the sight of those dishes makes us hungry) and the beautiful views of the sea.

sister Kardashian has shown off her lavish vacations And in this way, other 'celebrities’ who have already taken land to disconnect from their busy lives have joined, because yes, 'influencers’ work despite criticism. The ocean seems to be Kourtney K’s 'comfort spot’. Well, she wrote it herself in the carousel of pictures she shared.

Also, you can see if you go to the 6th photo A pink pram, a very 'barbicore’ pale colour, The businessman is definitely loaded in it. Hope to see more of this little trip! Oh wait, there’s more. We leave them here, along with a video that represents us for these holidays.

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