Knowledge and technology in HR with a 360º approach

Castilla group, with Over 40 years of experienceA people management provider Unique 360º approach in the market. With a combination of knowledge and technology that allows you to respond to your challenges Further3,600 customersFrom a private company and public administration.


Thanks to a special division, it provides the service Executive search and executive evaluation Nationally and internationally. In addition, there is a team that specializes in selecting top talent and promoting their professional development.

In fact, it delivers Strategic services in people management Equality programs, job evaluation and description, climate studies, corporate training or strategic HR consulting involving programs such as FUNDAE management.

Grupo Castilla, on the other hand, offers a payroll outsourcing service that manages more than 28,500 monthly payrolls.


as HR software developerIt has a broad portfolio of technology solutions aimed at attracting talent, managing people (with a special focus on training and performance appraisal), streamlining the entire payroll cycle and improving record management.

Grupo Castilla offers a payroll outsourcing service that includes legal-labor consulting and security, managing more than 28,500 monthly payrolls.

These technology solutions are complemented by dashboards designed to deliver strategic KPIs essential to people management; An employee portal to promote internal communication; Other functions include digital signature, digitization of tickets and travel expenses, and real-time access to salaries.

In addition, Grupo Castilla has a technical consulting division specializing in DevOps. Technical team expert in open source technologies with business support and open hybrid cloud PaaS environments; And a team of Red Hat Architect instructors certified to the highest level.

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