Kim Kardashian Jokes About Finding Kate Middleton, Internet Outrage

Many condemned the 43-year-old's reckless behaviour

Since Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, has been out of the public eye since December, social media users have been speculating about the King of England. According to Kensington Palace, the 42-year-old is recovering at home after „scheduled abdominal surgery” in January, but some users believe the royal is in an „induced coma”. Amid speculations and conspiracy theories, American celebrity and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian joked about the situation on social media.

The SKIMS founder shared a series of photos of himself and captioned it, „On my way to find Kate.” While some on the internet laughed at the statement, many criticized the 43-year-old's irresponsible behavior, which highlighted the seriousness of the princess's condition.

Since being shared, the post has garnered over 14 lakh views and thousands of comments.

One user wrote, „It's not even funny!! F****** bad taste!!”

„Come on Kim. You have daughters, sisters, a mother. Making fun of the Princess of Wales is in poor taste. I would have thought you would have more sympathy given the rumors and unfair messages you have to put out. . . . This is unworthy of you,” said one user.

„Making fun of a woman with a medical problem is very rare,” commented a third user.

„There's nothing like a gossip-mongering, gossip-mongering celebrity,” wrote one.

„Considering you've been out of the public eye for months since Paris, I would have thought you'd understand the need to get away from the world,” one user noted.

„Rude and nasty,” said one person.

„I'm a fan, but this title isn't cool! I thought you didn't consider trashing the Princess of Wales, trashing the girl. Big mistake on this one!” said one Instagram user.

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Meanwhile, Ms Middleton is likely to address her health concerns at a public event. Catherine, widely known by her maiden name Kate Middleton, may discuss her recovery during public engagements, British newspaper The Times reported on Saturday. „I can see a world where she's discussing her recovery during the princess engagement. If she's going to do it, how's she going to do it. I expect it's going to be her instinct, it's going to be her call. They're not going to rush me.” A government source said.

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