Despite AEW being on fire all over the world, AEW ticket sales are struggling

AEW ticket sales have been hot overseas, but domestic ticket sales tell a very different story.

As of this writing, AEW exists 65,000 tickets distributed (61,346 paid) For AEW’s All In Wembley Stadium debut, with a direct gross of over $7.7 million. Meanwhile, AEW’s Canadian debut for Banned Door is nearly sold out Almost 13,000 tickets were sold. But despite All In’s history-making direct entrance and strong developments in new markets internationally, ticket sales have stagnated domestically.

„[AEW All In] „Huge, it’s historic and all, it doesn’t mean it’s a breakthrough or anything like that,” Dave Meltzer said.Wrestling Spectator Radio.

„Different territories and different places have had huge shows that have not led to business afterwards. In fact, in most cases, they’ve gone down a lot.

AEW double or nothing Stuck at about 70% capacity, just 200 tickets have been sold since early April. AEW Double or Nothing is a celebration of its inaugural appearance at the company’s official WrestleMania. Nevertheless, even if a major event advertises its four pillars for the first time, ticket sales 7,000 will be within 10,000 for the building erected.

„[AEW is] Most of these markets are doing below what they were doing when it comes to ticket sales,” Meltzer continued.

„When they started, the big thing was that if they averaged 4,000 per show, they were doing well, and then they ended up averaging 6,000. Now, they do a lot of fours.

Although AEW found success in new markets, AEW’s ticketing movement was a bittersweet endeavor. AEW’s huge ticket sales in London and Canada are more evidence of new market boom than demand for the product as a whole. Neither Forbidden Door nor All In has announced the tournament yet. Double or Nothing announced its main event, in addition to the Tag Team Championship featuring FDR, with no uptick in ticket sales.

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AEW’s House Rules tour recently sold over 2,000 (capacity: 3,698) tickets in Salem, VA and nearly 1,900 (capacity: 3,255) tickets in Corbin, Kentucky. AEW will have several opportunities to revive domestic ticket sales this summer with some big shows at Chicago’s United Center, AEW All Out and the anticipated debut of the aforementioned Double or Nothing AEW Collision.

WWE saw dramatic success last weekend with sold-out crowds at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico for Smackdown and WWE Backlash. WWE is almost there too Money in the bank is sold out At the O2 Arena, over 17,000 tickets have been moved. Domestic ticket sales are also strong for the nearly sold-out WWE 40,000 tickets for SummerSlam at Detroit’s Ford Field.

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