Kendall Jenner’s Wild Reaction When Emily Ratajkowski Approached Bad Bunny

DHe is the world Celebrities Throws in its fair share of surreal incidents.

It was recently in a situation involving one of the most fashionable couples, which emerged Kendall Jenner and Bad BunnyWith a surprise and unexpected guest in Emily Ratajkowski.

Many celebrities partied and danced in one of the most important events of the year in the fashion industry.

A party that brings together some of the most famous people on the planet.

Famous couple

Although there is no official relationship, Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny Having already appeared together in several places, it seems that they really belong together.

At the Met Gala, it was confirmed that they are even more, as the model appeared more affectionate with the singer than in previous public outings.

Although that affection quickly became an example of possible jealousy, it was seen in a TikTok video from the account @funtensions, in which Emily Ratajkowski approaches Poor rabbitAt the moment when she is greeting someone.

Kendall And then there’s an interesting reaction: Pad runs to hug Bunny’s neck and stops Emily from being with him Poor rabbit.

Likely Kendall Tried to push away RatajkowskiAt one point he declared himself a loyal fan of the singer and it was also rumored that they may have been together in the past.

Poor rabbit He was shocked and surprised by the awful scene he had to be a part of.

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