Kelly Clarkson in Donnie Hathaway’s 'This Christmas’

Kelly Clarkson followed up Cher’s „DJ Play a Christmas Song” with a cover of Toni Hathaway’s „This Christmas” on her talk show’s „Kelliog” segment Wednesday.

Hathaway, who Rolling Stone Named one of the greatest singers of all time, the song was released in 1970. Although the song initially met with little success, it topped several Billboard charts and established itself as one of the most beloved holiday hits.

„Hang up all the mistletoe/I’m going to get to know you better this Christmas, when we trim the tree/How happy we’re going to be,” Clarkson sings effortlessly in the opening verse. Later in the tune, she belts: „This Christmas is going to be a very special Christmas for me.”

On Tuesday, Clarkson took on the neo-disco track „DJ Play A Christmas Song,” declaring, „I love this song!”

Her performance won the approval of Cher, who raved on social media Tuesday night after the split. „Kelly,,,, u acid it‼️ u girl the girl. version of my voice,” she wrote. „Baby, I lost my mind with your version.. Modulation gave me …I don’t know, I lost my mind ‼️ Sister you got it.”


Last week, Cher stopped The Kelly Clarkson Show He criticized the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, noting that he was only the second artist in seven decades to have No. 1 songs after the Rolling Stones.

„It took four of them to be one of me,” Cher pointed out as the host applauded. „And I’m not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!” The legend added, “You know what, if they gave me a million dollars I wouldn’t be in it right now… I’m never going to change my mind. They can go you-know-themselves.”

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