Katharina Wagner will direct the Bayreuth Festival for another 5 years

Germany’s Bayreut Festival has announced the retention of Katharina Wagner as its director for another five years.

BERLIN — The Beirut Festival in Germany announced Tuesday that it will retain Katharina Wagner as its director for another five years.

Wagner, who turns 46 on May 21, is the great-granddaughter of Richard Wagner, who became co-chair of the festival in September 2008 alongside her half-sister Eva Wagner-Basquier. After that, in 2015, Katharina took over as the sole leader.

The festival announced an agreement with government officials in which a manager would be hired to run business operations, leaving the festival director to make artistic decisions within a budget set by stakeholders.

The German and Bavarian governments and the Association of Friends of Beirut each own 29% of the festival, while the city of Beirut holds 13%.

„I am very pleased that together we have found a way to strengthen artistic autonomy,” Wagner said in a statement.

Begun in 1876 by Richard Wagner, in an opera house built to his specifications, the Bayreuth Festival is dedicated to the composer’s last 10 operas. This year’s festival will be held from July 25 to August 27.

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