Karlovy Vary Title 'Second Chance’ plots deal with sales diversion

“Second Chance,” the directorial debut of Indian filmmaker Subatra Mahajan, has been picked up for international sale by Thailand-based Diversion ahead of its world premiere at the 2024 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. It will be screened on July 2 in the Proxima competition section of the film festival.

The film tells the story of Nia, a young woman from a city who returns to her family home in the western Himalayas after a decade away. Struggling with personal trauma, Nia forms an unexpected bond with Bemi, an elderly hillbilly woman, and Sunny, a spirited boy. As Nia begins to heal, she must face the ghosts of her past while striving for a fresh start.

“Second Chance” was created through various industry projects including Produire Au Sud Kolkata 2020, NFDC Film Bazaar Co-Production Market 2020 and Cannes Marche du Co-Production Day 2021. 2022.

Filmed in black and white, the feature is in Hindi, English and Gullavi. It is produced by Metanormal Motion Pictures and Latent Pictures, with Shyam Bora as producer, Phan Nalin and Swapnil Suhas Sonavane as executive producers. Bhaskar Hazarika is also the co-producer in the production team. Hazarika, who co-founded Metanormal with Bora, is known for directing critically acclaimed films like “Amis” and “Kothanodi”.

The technical team includes cinematographer Swapnil Suhas Sonavane, known for his work on „Sacred Games” and „Last Film Show”, production designer Namra Parikh, editor Tinni Mitra and sound designer Anirban Porthakur.

Diversion’s current slate has a strong focus on Asian cinema, including titles such as Malaysian film „Oasis of Now” and Thai film „Solids by the Seashore,” both of which premiered in the New Currents competition at last year’s Busan International Film Festival. . The company is also handling the sales of the Taiwanese film „A Journey in Spring,” which premiered at the 2023 San Sebastian International Film Festival, and the Philippine film „Gospel of the Beast,” which competed at the 2023 Tokyo International Film Festival.

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Mai McSavan, founder of Diversion, said of “Second Chance”: “We appreciate how the director carefully orchestrates a symphony of elements to reveal the heavy emotions within the characters, creating moments of poignant intimacy that resonate deeply with the audience.” McEwan added that „Second Chance” fits the bill well.

Producer Bora added: „Tirupathan’s work is a testament to their commitment to championing Asian cinema and talent and I couldn’t be happier to have them on board our film.”

Executive producer Phan Nalin, known for „Last Film Show” and „Angry Indian Goddesses”, said: „The way 'Second Chance’ deals with the story of an urban Indian girl with a rooted local Himalayan theme, it will speak to the audience. The geography is pure and emotional.”

Writer-director Mahajan added: „I am delighted to have new partners in 'Diversion’ as they relate to the heart of Second Chance’s intimate, feminist story and embrace the film with all its unique nuances and cinematic choices.”

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