Jon Jones calls: 'no job’

Michael Bisping is fed up with fighters who don’t fight, saying he has beaten the best champions competing in mixed martial arts.

A recent example of this is former NBA player James Johnson, who recently claimed that he could beat UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones with a year of wrestling training. Johnson has a karate background and a dubious amateur fighting career. He’s big too, but that doesn’t help when you’re talking about a fight against someone much bigger competing in the Octagon.

“Give me a year? Give me a break,” Bisping yelled in a new YouTube video. „That’s what we need here. Listen, this James Johnson, I’m sure he’s a handsome guy, and I really am. But it’s funny. We’ve all seen a martial arts movie and we’re all excited at the end and we want to go. We’re watching Rocky. , we start shadow boxing, we think we’re a bad ass. I think we can go to the pub, have a few beers, and pick this guy up. The list goes on.

Bisping also announced Johnson’s claimed record of 20-0 in kickboxing and 7-0 in MMA.

“I watched a little bit of Tapology. Tapalaji records all fights, right?” he said. “You don’t have to be an NBA player, someone famous, you can be anyone and have a fight, you’ll be in Tapology. You will be in Sherdog database. But when I go to Tabology, there’s a lot of James Johnsons … nobody’s 7-0, nobody’s 6’8”. There are no basketball players. This guy laughs and is out of his mind.

„It’s stupid, it’s stupid. You can’t see this guy’s fights anywhere. Even if he’s 20-0 in kickboxing, we all know a British kickboxing champion or a regional kickboxing champion, there’s seven people in the arena watching their fights, the opponent’s not in good shape, No training. In his life. They’re given a big shiny belt and suddenly 'They’re a champion!’

„The Count” took issue with Johnson’s suggestion that Jones was originally a wrestler and couldn’t hang on his feet.

„Jon Jones is the best of all time, Jon Jones is undefeated,” Bisping said. „Jon Jones, fighting Stipe Miocic at Madison Square Garden against the greatest heavyweight of all time … and Jon Jones is a little bit around the curve. Jon Jones is crazy. He has that badass streak in him, even if you want to criticize him for it … He’s had some great fights and that meanness. Keeps, that frenzy that he has, helps you in the fight.

„I’m sure this basketball player flipped on the basketball court. I’m sure he’s got a real reputation. But you’re not going up against Jon Jones. No way.”

„Stick to your turf: the basketball court,” he said. „No one throws balls in the Octagon. When Jon Jones takes you down so easily, your head bounces all over the place with his hard elbows.

Jon Jones will face Stipe Miocic at UFC 295 on November 11 in New York City. He’s focused more on Miocic and their fight and hasn’t posted on Twitter since late August. We’re still hoping Johnson will take some time to share his undoubtedly dismissive thoughts on the situation, but so far „Bones” has been radio silent on the matter.

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