John Lovett joins Survivor in Season 47

Next season Survivor A familiar face appears with the former Obama administration speechwriter Pot Save America Among the contestants for season 47 is co-host John Lovett.

during Wednesday night’s season 46 finale Survivor, CBS’ teaser ad for the next season featured Loved, though no contestants were named and there was no official confirmation. His participation was speculated by a significant other Survivor fan site, with Inside is the survivor Their rumored cast list earlier on Wednesday included Lovett.

Lovett’s addition to X, formerly of Twitter, was prompted by his former Obama administration colleague and fellow Crooked Media founder Jon Favreau. who tweeted the ad with the quote „What did I say? Eat Pray Loved”

In the ad spot, Lovett says, “I have no outside skills. What am I doing here? I camped as a Cub Scout, threw up and went home.

Aisha Welch, Who Hides Survivor for Rob has a podcastA potential Season 47 contestant also appears in the teaser ad.

Lovett’s future appearance Survivor etc. triggered a shock wave of reaction on social media Primo And Neon Creators Shia Serrano and Franklin Leonard were among the Hollywood figures shocked by the news.

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