Jennifer Garner and Jenna Ortega look like mother and daughter sporting matching 'bob’ haircuts

There’s never a day when we stop marveling at the incredible resemblance some celebrities have with their children. A clear example is Gisele Bundchen and her daughter Vivienne or Gwyneth Paltrow and her daughter Apple Martin. But we’re still surprised when two unrelated 'celebrities’ are practically identical. This is the case Jennifer Garner and Jenna Ortega, Two actresses, we couldn’t have imagined they had anything in common, much less Physical aspect.

Jennifer Garner, 51, has left us speechless with a recent video she shared on Instagram with Jenna Ortega, 20. When they tell us that the actresses are mother and daughter, it’s difficult for us to understand whether it’s the story of 'Yes Day’, the film they acted in or the real truth. Both They sport the same wavy bob cut Shoulder height and carry A matching open bangs. In this way, we confirm again that this haircut is favorable for people of all ages.

We’re not the only ones who think they have a striking resemblance, and fans of the two have made it clear in the comments section that they feel the same way.

„I’m surprised the two of you are so similar even though you’re not related.”

„They have the same haircut!! How cute!”

„Well, am I the only one who thought they looked the same? 🤔”

„They look so adorable together. I never thought of the resemblance until this post. Same face shape plus matching dimples. 💕😄”

„Dimples, hair, eyes! Same! ❤️”

I guess all we can say is that this unexpected couple has undoubtedly captivated fans with their identical physical appearance. And pictures and videos should be together!

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