Jeff Koons sends sculptures into space – and more

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slippery slope. The Arts Council England (ACE) A new, hot-button policy of UK arts funding is facing criticism as it warns against publishing „political statements”. On January 28, the government agency updated its policies in the section on „reputation risk”, urging cultural institutions not to make „activist” comments that are „overtly political” or „conflict with the aim of public funding for culture”. Artists and editors have criticized the new policy on social media, clarifying that ACE needs to take steps to „mitigate” controversial activity amid a polarizing political climate, and warning that directors' vocal comments could be „taken for granted”. of the wider system.”

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ARTIST + AI RESTITUTION COLLAB. of Hanover Sprengel Museum has Reorganized A Modigliani Painting Woman's head (1917), following the French artist's AI-assisted research Raphael Denis, an exercise centered around art looted by the Nazis. He donated a Modigliani portrait of a woman to an art collection owned by the Paris-based journalist and artist. Michael Georges-MichaelIn 1941 its collection was confiscated by the Nazi authorities. In light of the new findings, the city of Hannover decided to return the work to Georges-Michel's heirs on 26 January.

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341 Ukrainian cultural heritage According to a new report, the sites have been damaged by Russian attacks since their invasion of Ukraine began two years ago. UNESCO. The cost of the damage was estimated at 3.3 million euros ($3.54 million), and UNESCO used satellite images to complete their assessment. [Le Monde]

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Artist Jeff Koons 125, per inch, miniature sends the moon Sculptures for the moon today. Work is in progress on the rocket manufactured by SpaceXCompany owned Elon MuskIn the lunar lander developed by a private American company, Intuitive machines. The Jeff Koons: The Moon Base Project Originally announced in 2022 and has suffered a few delays. The sculptures represent the phases of the moon and are linked to notable figures in human history such as Mozart, Galileo and Cleopatra. If successful, the pieces would be „the first authenticated artwork to be placed on the Moon,” according to a project statement. It was not immediately clear who authorized it. [The Art Newspaper]

Today, the stolen and recovered glass stones are on public display for the first time British Museum. They are among about 2,000 items recently discovered missing, stolen or damaged from the museum's collection, which has led to a scandal that has shaken museum staff and leadership. [BBC]

A stolen bronze bust of a scientist Nikola Tesla, By Sculptor Matthew Rebrovichas been auctioned by LiveAuctioneers.comWith the seller listed: Premier Auction Collection in Chesterland. Sculpture found missing from Cleveland Serbian Cultural Garden In 2014. [The Plain Dealer and]

Italian media blasts reconstruction of 75-foot-tall piece of antiquity as „embarrassing” The Basilica of Ulpia In Rome, financed by the sanctioned Russian oligarchy. The basilica was once the largest in ancient Rome, but it declined in the Middle Ages. Russian in 2015 Alisher UsmanovConsidered close to Putin, they donated 1.5 million euros ($1.6 million) to the construction project. [The Art Newspaper]

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Nina MolevaKnown as 'Putin's art critic', he died and left his art collection, including works by Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Rembrandt, to the Russian president. Nexta. However, some researchers, and Pushkin Museum of Fine ArtsThey have questioned whether there are duplicates in the package. [ArtReview and Nexta]


Saudi Prince and Deb Brahmins. Vanity FairBradley Hope reports on a new friendship that is „stranger than fiction” and a „bromance” that blossoms between the unlikely pair: Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman And Johnny Depp. But their reported easy motive can be partially explained. One, the so-called Saudi prince MBS Trying to reshape his authoritarian kingdom, which still allows public beheadings, to become a global cultural center. For that, he needs the influence of influential stars like Depp, who is reportedly in talks with the Saudi government about a „seven-figure annual deal to attend events and film in the country.” Meanwhile, Deb spent time at MPS's royal camp in the hills and flew to MPS's grand yacht by helicopter. “Travels to Saudi are really healthy [Depp],” a friend told the magazine. We can only imagine.

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