Jamie Dimon says the US economy is 'incredible' and growing

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon on Tuesday expressed confidence in a robust U.S. economy supported by strong employment and healthy consumer finances.

America's economic boom is „incredible,” Dimon said in an interview at an Economic Club of New York event. „Even though we're going into a recession, the consumer is still in good shape.”

However, he warned about the potential economic impact of deficit spending, inflation and geopolitical conflict.

Dimon has warned that inflation will continue to be higher than expected, which will keep interest rates higher for a long time.

„Even though we're going into a recession, consumers are still in good shape,” said JP Morgan boss Jamie Dimon. Reuters

„I want to help my country,” said Dimon, 68, who headed the largest U.S. lender for more than 18 years.

Government would be better off with more 'coaches' at the table, said Dimon, who has been named to senior economic roles.

JPMorgan has previously declined to comment on such speculation or said Dimon has no plans to run for office.

In a wide-ranging interview, Dimon focused on policy issues including US military power, political polarization and the need for inclusive economic growth. He compared the country's economic performance and policies with other countries.

In his annual letter to shareholders this month, he praised American leadership and economic power, calling for „liberty and justice for all.”

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