Jacob Collier Announces 'Mi Corazon' Trap Chart With Camilo

Fourth volume by Jacob Collier Jessie On the way!

On Friday, the musician released the sweet single „Mi Corazón” with Colombian pop star Camilo, just days after revealing the star-studded track list for his upcoming album on February 29.

„Camillo is without a doubt one of my favorite people and musical forces on the planet,” Collier said in a press release about the song. „Even though we've only met three times, we really feel like brothers.”

The video follows the duo in a colorful, semi-animated city as the two stars are transported to different locations and imaginary parts of the world. The end of the video captures the singers smiling and working on the track in the studio.

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The two „hit it off instantly” before crossing paths again in August and joining each other in the studio the following month. Seeing Collier in the studio „filled me with a renewed energy to keep creating,” says Camillo.

„That afternoon's tests resulted in 'Mi Corazón,' which excited us both in equal measure,” Collier said. “When we met two months later to shoot a music video, we both knew we had a life partner in the other. I'm so glad this song is out in the world!

„Mi Corazon” is part of her upcoming album Djesse Vol. 4It will feature new songs such as „Never Gonna Be Alone” with Lizzie McAlpine and John Mayer and „Bridge Over Troubled Waters” with John Legend and Tori Kelly, as well as previously released singles such as Brandy Carlyle and „Little Blue”. „Witness Me” with Shawn Mendes, Stormzy and Kirk Franklin.

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Djesse Vol. 4 Track list

1. “100,000 Voices”
2. „She put the sunshine”
3. „Little Blue (feat. Brandi Carlyle)”
4. „Best”
5. „Cinnamon Crush (feat. Lindsey Loomis)”
5. „Wherever I Go (feat. Lawrence & Michael McDonald)”
6. „Summer Rain (feat. Madison Cunningham & Chris Thile)”
7. „Somewhere A Rock (feat. Anushka Shankar & Warijashree Venokupal)”
8. “My Heart (feat. Camilo)”
9. „Witness Me (feat. Shawn Mendes, Stormzy & Kirk Franklin)”
10. „Never Be Alone (feat. Lizzie McAlpine & John Mayer)”
11. „Bridge Over Troubled Water (feat. John Legend & Tori Kelly)”
12. “Over You (feat. aespa & Chris Martin)”
13. “Box of Stars Bund. 1 (feat. Kirk Franklin, Chica, T Smoke, Show Madjozi, Yelle & Kanye Mawi)”
14. “Box of Stars Bund. 2 (feat. Metropole Orchestra, Suzy Collier, Steve Vai, VOCES8)”
15. “World Oh World”

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