IVC integrates dance and immersive technology at Espai LaGranja within the framework of the European Artcast4D project.

Valencia, 25 Sep. (Europe Press) –

The Institut Valencià de Cultura (IVC) combines dance with high-speed technology in meetings between dance and technological innovation on September 26 and 27 at Espai LaGranja. The conferences are part of the EU project Artcast4D, in which seven countries are participating.

Bringing people together to „interact with culture” and „unleash creativity” by combining art and high-speed technology is the idea developed by Artcast4D, a European consortium of artists, cultural institutions, creative companies, research, technology, culture and media partners. Museums, cities and local authorities to create new immersive experiences in public spaces, the Generalitat pointed out in a statement.

Daniel Schutze, founder of interactive installation company MDLite, said, „The innovation of the project lies in its ability to create immersive environments in open spaces, with minimally intrusive project technology and by designing collective interactive applications for large audiences. and diversity”.

For his part, Guillermo Arazo, director of the creation center, emphasized that „this European project, in which Espoy Lagrancha participates, offers the opportunity to create interconnected languages ​​of the body with new technologies.” „It makes it easier to get close to the tools, which can democratize the tools in a sensitive and creative way,” he noted.

Artcast4D will bring together creative agencies and industry partners with civil society to launch four pilot projects with different themes and experiences of 'Citizen Participation’, 'Art in Public Spaces’, 'Innovation in Art and Experiences’ and 'Tourism’. .

Pilot projects include training workshops and open training modules designed for developers and artists. They will also help to obtain policy guidelines on how to strengthen competitiveness and innovation in Europe.

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„Engine for the Experience Economy”

In this sense, Université Paris-Saclay, Xavier Maître, director of the research study on the impulses of immersion in open spaces, „The advances in immersive technologies represent an important push as they improve the economy of experience. The breadth, depth and intensity of artistic representations and visitor experiences in public spaces and art and cultural institutions. „

In addition, the project will demonstrate the potential of immersive experiences to promote cultural creative industries by integrating online impact assessment and measurement techniques developed by digital research partner IFAAR from the start.

Artcast4D launched in Milan in September 2022. The consortium will conduct research and development activities, live laboratory pilots and demonstrations, communicate and disseminate results and recommendations within 36 months.

Alliance partners

The consortium is coordinated by the Polytechnic of Milan and brings together 10 partners from seven European countries, bringing together research, technology, creativity, media and cultural backgrounds.

Pilot partners include the municipality of Isles-Moulineaux in France; London Arts Center Watermans, United Kingdom; Cultural consultancy CulturaLink, in collaboration with Espai LaGranja, the relevant regional partner of the Institut Valencià de Cultura, and the CERTH research center, together with technical partner EXUS AI Labs in Athens, Greece.

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