„It will take some time to set the economy on the right track”: Pakistan Finance Minister

He added that the government’s top priority is to ensure that there are no delays in foreign payments.


Pakistan’s Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has said that it will take some time to set the economy on the right track in the face of huge financial problems based in Pakistan. News International The newspaper reported.

Speaking to the representatives of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) on Saturday, Dar said, „There is no quick fix and it will take time as we faced such challenges in 1998 and 2013; but all those challenges were dealt with efficiently in time.”

According to a report released by KCCI, in 2017, everyone appreciated Pakistan’s performance and the economy was performing at its peak with high foreign reserves and low inflation, the minister said.

„The stock markets were the best performing markets in the region,” he said, adding that Pakistan is heading in the right direction, but political instability has ruined everything, pushing Pakistan’s economy from 24th place to 47th place by 2022, which is painful. All Pakistanis.

Dar said: „The most difficult reforms have been made and the bleeding has stopped. We will collectively face all challenges to put the country back on track so that Pakistan can survive and lead to progress and prosperity.”

He said that the government’s top priority is to ensure that foreign payments are not delayed and that is being done immediately. „I assure you that we will come out of the economic crisis and bring new ideas and initiatives that the country really deserves, with a special focus on agricultural revolution and information technology.”

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He said the government would accept all reasonable demands of the business community and fully cooperate with them, but limit the wish list.

The Finance Minister said that the most difficult reforms have already been undertaken and the bleeding has now stopped.

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