Innova High Tech leverages co-financing based on companies' size, female leadership and the 40-hour mark

Corfu opened a national call for its project Innovate high technology With two important new features: an increase in the maximum grant for selected projects and the introduction of a new system: companies can apply every day of the year.

Innovate high technology It is an instrument that supports Chilean companies in the development of highly complex and R&D-intensive innovation projects that face high technological uncertainty and are capable of impacting the national and global market.

In its 2024 call, this program increases up to $1 billion The maximum limit of the grant for each initiative (previously it was $600 million), the percentage of co-financing depends on the size of the company: 70% in the case of micro and small companies, 55% in the case of medium-sized companies and 40% in the case of large companies.

Also, within the framework of its gender strategy, Corfo will allocate up to an additional 10% of co-financing to initiatives by women-led companies; And an additional 5% of the assessment score of SME projects certified with a 40-hour stamp.

„This call comes at a time of growing interest among SMEs in leading innovation projects of high technical complexity in key sectors for the country's diversification and production transformation. Companies from all over Chile are contributing their knowledge and skills to address important challenges such as the climate crisis,” said Corfo Innovation Manager Jocelyn Olivari.

Gabriel Perez, Regional Director of Corbo Los Lagos, said, „This program seeks to support R&D&i projects with high-tech risk elements, encouraging them to scale globally. It is a very interesting and powerful tool. The development of new technologies and scientific-technological-based innovations, and with globally unique solutions to large-scale problems. „We want applicants to move the knowledge barrier or present approaches that allow them to reach new markets. Climate change,” he highlighted.

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Open window

Call 2024 Innovate high technology, With the budget of the Sustainable Production Development Program (DPS) promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Corfo has changed its application method to strengthen the connection between companies that want to be sustainable through innovation management and research and development processes. +D+i).

„Permanent use, better known as an open window, first, allows companies that want to develop more complex projects to create cases of technical guidance, which allows them to strengthen their use. Second, be more agile in the evaluation of a project,” said Jocelyn Olivari. „Our country's technological frontier. We want companies to consider us a partner in developing and executing push projects. We do not want any good project that has the potential to contribute to productivity change to be abandoned,” he added.

Innovate high technology Has two application states: In phase 1, is mandatory, companies must present a preliminary description of their proposal, which will be reviewed by the technical team of CORFO's Innovation Management. This detailed explanation will allow experts to provide feedback to applicants. This guidance, although it may not be a techno-financial assessment, Stage 2, allowing companies to strengthen their plan before its final use. Visit for more information Or write to email: [email protected]

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