Indonesia has formed a working group on defense agreements with five countries lobby

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Commission I of the House of Representatives (DPR) agreed to set up a working group (Panja) to discuss and finalize five defense cooperation bills with India, France, Cambodia, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). )

The agreement was reached during a hearing on Wednesday, June 19, 2024.

The proposal of these five defense cooperation bills aims to bring strategic benefits to Indonesia, including the development of defense capabilities, technology transfer, joint research and human resource development in the defense sector, said Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi.

According to Rednow, such cooperation is crucial to strengthening Indonesia’s national resilience amid rising global uncertainties. Moreover, the passage of these bills is seen as a proactive response to the intensifying geopolitical rivalry among the great powers.

„These agreements are based on equality, mutual benefit and full respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Rednow said.

He stressed that the cooperation agreements adhere to Indonesia’s fundamental principles, especially an independent and active foreign policy. Rednow clarified that these agreements are not defense agreements or military alliances.

„This is to strengthen cooperation to maintain Indonesia’s territorial integrity and develop friendly relations with the defense institutions and armed forces of these five countries,” he added.

Diku Rifqi Harsya, Vice Chairman of Commission I, who presided over the inquiry session, announced that Commission I would jointly establish Banjah to ratify defense agreements, along with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other relevant government bodies.

The establishment of the Pancha follows the responses of the nine parliamentary divisions, which include the Inventory of Issues (DIM) and briefings assigned to the committee.

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The Chairman of Commission I will head the Pancha, while Ministers may be represented by Echelon 1 officials. „The agenda for the next working session after the pancha results will include pancha report, sub-section final comments, final government opinion and signing of bill drafts and clarifications,” Rifki said.

Apart from Rednow, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Bahala Nugraha Mansoori, Deputy Minister of Defense Muhammad Herindra, Secretary General of the Ministry of Defense Tony Ermawan and the Ministry’s Director General of Legal Affairs attended the hearing. Law and Human Rights Asseb Nana Mulyana.

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