Indians, fed up with your own old and boring homes, time to move to Ireland!

At some point in life, many individuals want to leave their hometown and explore new cultures and lifestyles in different countries. However, the process of relocation can be very expensive. But what if a country pays to go there? It may sound unbelievable, but Ireland It offers €80,000 (approx. 71 lakhs) to anyone willing to go there.
There are challenging life situations that test one’s resilience, and sometimes a little financial boost can help the process. If you’re considering a move to a European country, an offer of Rs 71 lakh to relocate to a remote location on one of Ireland’s small islands might pique your interest.

The small islands around Ireland suffer from a lack of population, resulting in a lonely and dreary atmosphere. To combat this problem, the Irish government has launched the Our Living Islands policy to encourage people to migrate to these areas.
According to the official Irish government website, the policy aims to support sustainable and vibrant communities within the sea and offshore islands. The government will provide financial assistance and other cost-effective measures to help visitors appreciate the culture, heritage and rich environment of the islands. Applications for this policy will be accepted from 1st July this year.

Like many developed economies, Ireland is facing a shortage of skilled workers in some sectors as a result of demographic changes and an aging population and low birth rates. To address this issue, the Irish government has launched an incentive program aimed at attracting talented individuals, particularly in the technology, financial and medical industries.

The program provides eligible individuals with a tax credit of up to €20,000 per year for five years, as well as funding for startups, relocation expenses and access to networking and job search resources. The program aims to attract highly skilled people to Ireland and encourage them to stay for the long term, thereby boosting the economy.

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The initiative is part of a broader trend among developed countries to attract skilled workers and entrepreneurs through various incentive programs. Countries like CanadaSingapore and Australia have also launched similar programs to promote innovation and economic growth.

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