Importance of technology in education

If there’s one thing that’s most important to know, it’s that the debate about education in Colombia has intensified again. A few days ago, the national government released 2 draft plans to reform education in the country. But it must be made clear that Colombia will not be close to „real change” in terms of education unless a sustainable integration strategy and solutions based on modernization and technology are contemplated.

With a geography as diverse and rugged as Colombia, bringing connectivity and technological infrastructure to all parts of the country is a real challenge, but an imperative for the undeniable objective of closing social and educational gaps. These tools are now built as an important component for the economic and social development of a country, as they allow users to access information, as well as receive education and use services quickly and efficiently. But to know all the details about it, don’t forget to read this interesting and undoubtedly important post.

Connectivity is essential in the country

According to the Ministry of ICT, in the first quarter of 2023, for every 100 people, only 17 people had a stable Internet connection, which is a worrying statistic, currently, the Internet is a channel that includes and allows the exchange of all the information required by any student in their learning process and the development of their faculties, in addition , which makes that knowledge readily available to them. Therefore, now, the challenge is to allow students in all municipalities of the country to have Internet resources permanently as a tool to help them achieve that goal, understanding that all investments in connectivity and technological infrastructure must be guaranteed. Education is required.

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Therefore, according to Ladam – Atlona channel manager Mauricio Escobar, it is important to note that a change in the way education is conceived is a change in its priorities to adopt technology as a way to reach schools. As well, colleges and universities in Columbia have become more competitive. It is noteworthy that the use of ICT systems has been able to demonstrate a reduction in student dropout rates, greater efficiency and better enrollment of students by providing baseline data about students. The way they transition into careers.

It should be noted that decisions and efforts to improve the conditions of access to technologies in education are no doubt limited to the state. They must also be committed by the private sector capable of contributing to the donation of equipment or devices; Providing schools and universities with computers, tablets and other technology components, especially in under-resourced areas, and developing online platforms and digital educational content relevant to the country’s research programs and educational needs.

In Colombia, companies like; Atlona is ready to support all actors in the sector with technology-based solutions that help strengthen digital education ecosystems, schools, facilitating complete communication connectivity, audio and video infrastructures. Essential when sharing knowledge.

But it should be clear that public investment in 5G technology and networks is crucial to widening access to Internet service in the country, especially in areas with a high percentage of vulnerable populations, as shown in the case of Colombia’s connection. Delay compared to other parts of the continent.

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Undoubtedly, technologies are an indispensable ally of education that allow substantial exchange of knowledge and experiences among their users. Because of this, Escobar pointed out that if you plan to reform education, consider it the most important institution in the country and invest in connectivity and technological infrastructure to ensure a complete and rich intellectual heritage for all Colombians. .

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