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Israel must act to prevent killing of Palestinians and 'punish direct and public incitement to genocide'

We now move to the main part of the proceedings.

Judge Donaghue says: „Having regard to the terms of the provisional measures requested by South Africa and the circumstances of the case, the Court finds that the indicated measures are not necessarily the same as those requested. In the present circumstances, the Court considers that Israel is complying with its obligations under the Genocide Convention in relation to the Palestinians in Gaza, within the scope of Article Two of the Convention.” It shall take all measures within its power to prevent all acts, especially… members of the group causing serious physical or mental harm to the members of the group.

Israel, he says, „must take steps to prevent deliberate group life conditions calculated to bring about its physical destruction, in whole or in part, and to prevent the imposition of procreation measures within the group.”

„The Court recalls that these acts fall within the scope of Article Two of the Convention, which are committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, such group.

„The Court further considers that Israel shall immediately put into effect that its military forces shall not commit any of the above-mentioned acts.

„The Court also considers that Israel must take measures within its jurisdiction to prevent and punish direct and overt incitement to genocide in relation to members of the Palestinian Authority in the Gaza Strip.

“The Court further considers that Israel must take immediate and effective measures to provide urgently needed basic services and humanitarian assistance to address the adverse living conditions faced by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

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„Israel must take effective measures to prevent destruction and ensure the preservation of evidence related to allegations of acts within the scope of Article Two.”

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