How to Watch The Open Championship, Round 2: Featured Groups, Live Scores, Tee Times, TV Times

The 15th hole, the 16th in past Opens, has been significantly extended since Rory McIlroy won in 2014, including an iconic eagle on the third day. In 2023, the hole will play over 600 yards, and if the wind is in players’ faces, the hole will be more threatening along its length, especially off the tee. However, with the prevailing wind, players can take a significant chunk out of the hole by trying to take part of the bunkers to the right. Finding a bunker is tough enough, but hitting the fairway definitely brings birds into the equation. A lay-up is sometimes more difficult than going on the green, with a tight section of the fairway in the ideal wedge spot and a bunker waiting to the left. If they can reach it, most players will play the green aggressively or less than 60 yards short of the green. Several bunkers line the left side of the green and the best angle to enter from the right is again suitable for a player who can shape the ball from right to left if it cracks off the fairway. Green is very difficult to wear, subtle gradients are sometimes difficult. However, barring strong winds, it still offers a good birdie opportunity as players prepare to play the last three holes. (Source: R&A)

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