How to pick a team for Gameweek 30

The number of different time slots in FPL Challenge allows you to choose how many matches your team should earn points from in a gameweek.

Deadlines are valid until the start of a tournament, i.e. the first deadline to enter your team in gameweek 30 12:30 GMT On that day Saturday 30 MarchThe opening game of the gameweek will be between Newcastle United and West Ham United.

So, if you want your players to earn points in all 10 matches in Gameweek 30, you need to enter your team before then.

This is because players are locked into the FPL Challenge when the first match of Gameweek starts and you cannot add them to your squad retrospectively.

For example, if you chose Magpies' Kieran Trippier In your team (£6.7m) but he was ruled out when the team news was published at 11:30 GMT, with 60 minutes left to replace him.

Deadline time* in competitions
1 12:30, Sat 30 March Newcastle v West Ham
2 15:00, Sat 30 March

Bournemouth v Everton
Chelsea at Burnley
Nott'm Forest v Crystal Palace
Sheff Utd v Fulham
Spurs v Luton

3 17:30, Sat 30 March Aston Villa v Wolves
4 20:00, Sat 30 March Brentford v Man Utd
5 14:00*, Sunday 31 March Liverpool v Brighton

If you want to avoid Newcastle and West Ham players altogether, the next deadline to enter the squad is 15:00 GMT Later that day.

By doing so, your players will earn points from the remaining nine matches in Gameweek 30.

There are five matches taking place during that time: Bournemouth v Everton, Chelsea v Burnley, Nottingham Forest v Crystal Palace, Sheffield United v Fulham and Tottenham Hotspur v Loudon Town.

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If you want to profit Son Hyung-min (£10.1m) at home to Luton or Cole Palmer (£5.7m) At home to Burnley, you must enter your squad by 15:00 GMT.

Next deadline 17:30 GMT On the same day, when Aston Villa entertain Wolverhampton Wanderers. Entering a team at this stage means your players will earn points from the remaining four matches in Gameweek 30.

Next deadline 20:00 GMT On the same day, Brentford host Manchester United. Entering a team at this stage means your players will earn points from the remaining three matches in Gameweek 30.

Deadline to enter squads for Gameweek 30 Sunday 31 March at 14:00 BST, When Liverpool welcome Brighton & Hove Albion to Anfield.

Why? In the FPL Challenge you can choose five players per club and have 15 players in your squad, so to enter a squad you need at least three clubs with a match still to play in a gameweek.

By 14:00 BST on Sunday 31 March, Gameweeks has just two matches left, Manchester City v Arsenal later that afternoon.

Your team will receive points from those final two matches in Gameweek 30.

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