How are pension cases resolved in court? • WIPR

Los Más Buscados Puerto Rico is the first and only program that brings together state, federal and Florida law and order agencies. Agent and reporter Miguel Ramos serves individuals with arrest warrants and their cases.

Our collaborator, Mr. Lipardo Hernandez explains to us what the rules and procedures are in the alimony law.

The FBI is asking for the community’s cooperation in arresting the most dangerous man. Call confidentially if you have information leading to the arrest of this person.

Puerto Rico Justice Department Attorney Yamil Juarbe tells us about new interview rooms for victims of gender-based violence that will benefit victims and facilitate investigations.
Agent and reporter Miguel Ramos interviews the Metropolitan Police Commissioner of Bayamon City. Members of the municipal police force in Puerto Rico’s second most populous city continue to train, expand technology and security.
The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation shows two cases of individuals violating the orders and guidelines to comply with the reintegration into the community, Diego Andrés Rodríguez Renta and Alexis Sanchez Colón should be arrested. Call confidential numbers.

Copy the link of this project and share it on social networks, friends and everyone you know. Because that’s how crime fights. Union of Community and Law and Order Institutions.

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