Holcim promotes circular construction in Catalonia with world’s first factory certified with ecocycle technology

Holcim Factory In the municipality of Barcelona Montagada and Rieksak A first in the world was obtained External certificate It supports plant growth Ecocycle technologyAchieving a portfolio of cement-based products that includes at least 10% recycled materials from construction and demolition.

Recently, the Holcim Group Launched ECOCycle, a proprietary technology platform based on recycling materials from construction and demolition. Allows you to recycle 100% demolition materials Construction in a wide range of applications, from decarbonized raw materials in making low-carbon cements, to recycled aggregates in concrete or aggregates in road construction.

Today, this technology has been implemented to promote the development of circular construction in Catalonia, and has been certified by an independent organization under international standards. ISO 14021:2017. In this way, the entire portfolio of cement-based products produced at the Montcada plant includes: 10 and 15% materials from construction and demolition.

Reduce bias

Carmen DiazCEO of Holcim Spain, „it is possible to adopt an innovative approach in construction, to create new from the old. Thanks to Holcim’s ECOCycle® technology, existing cities can be designed based on existing cities, reducing dependence on natural resources and using essential and durable construction materials such as concrete in a building or „Introduces back into the life cycle of the infrastructure, it’s 100% and infinite. Recyclable.”

For its part, Vincent PeterDirector of the Holcim factory in Montcada, „Construction of new infrastructure or buildings in Catalonia with a range of products included in its composition. Recycled materials „This is key to making the concept of circular construction a reality and shifting our economy towards circularity.”

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Without compromising on performance

Globally, Holcim implements its ECOCycle technology in its range of raw material solutions, reducing the use of natural resources and expanding the concept of circular construction. Its technology allows it to contain cement, concrete and aggregates 10 to 100% recycled construction demolition materials Inside without compromising performance, while reducing its environmental footprint.

Holcim’s EcoCycle technology platform enables the efficient distribution, processing, shredding and recycling of construction and demolition materials in new construction solutions.

It is a technology that can be used across the entire product portfolio Holcim SpainLow carbon products, ECOPlanet and ECOPact, including sustainable cements and concretes, incorporate circularity in their creation thanks to this technology.

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