High-tech glove stops tremors from Parkinson's disease

The most recent edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas saw significant progress in the fight. Against Parkinson's disease.

Gyro GloveA high-tech glove developed by GyroGear proved to be an instant relief for patients suffering from muscle tremors.

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This product allows users to Do daily tasks with previously unattainable precision.

„It's life-changing,” said Canadian user Wilson-Garrett, describing how the GyroGlove stopped her uncontrollable tremors. Allows writing clearly to drink coffee without spillage.

GyroGear, along with partners like Chinese tech giant Foxconn, is what its founder Faii Ong describes as the world's most advanced handheld stabilizer.

The key to this device is a High speed gyroscope, compared by Ong to the turbine of a jet engine. Interestingly, it is manufactured in the same factory as Apple's MacBook Pros.

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Advances in Disability at CES

CES doesn't just stand out for its advances in the fight against Parkinson's. Many companies, From startups to tech giantsHe provided technologies designed to improve the lives of people with various disabilities.

One of them, Glidance, showed a device for the blind, a device similar to a guide dog but a smaller two-wheeled device slide.

Amos Miller, founder of Glidance and who lost his vision at an early age, explained how Glide guides users to a specific location, detects obstacles and suggests safe routes. „You walk, the wheels guide you”Miller explained. The Seattle-based company hopes to launch a beta version of Glide this year.

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Another notable example is Oncort, a Seattle company that developed a device American football transforms images of the game into vibrations.

This innovation allows users to feel the action of the game by placing their hands on a replica of the field. The vibrations They represent ball movements, player positions and other aspects of the game. The device is suitable for various sports including tennis and hockey.

Additionally, innovations etc. stand out Lumen glasses for the blindIt enables users to navigate safely and glasses with multifunctional frames can be used as hearing aids or to compensate for visual impairments.

Presented by Israeli company Orcam Small scanners that read and translate textsIdeal for students with learning difficulties or young immigrants learning English.

Tech analyst Avi Greengard summed up the sentiment of the event: „Accessibility is the best use of technology”It highlighted that CES 2024 was not only a showcase for technological advancements, but also a forum for innovative solutions to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities.

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