Hialeah firefighters incorporate cutting-edge technology to fight blaze – Telemundo Miami (51)

Fighting fires efficiently, quickly and safely thanks to new technology from Hialeah firefighters. We are training with 19 new firefighters who join their force and use new technology every time they put out a fire in the city.

Plastic, rubber, soft wood, recycled materials are components that fire quickly devours and there is no time to waste once it starts. Hialeah firefighter Lt. Marcelino Moreno acknowledges, „The fire is fast and the heat is high because of all the chemicals and plastics that the houses are bringing in right now.”

That is why modernization of equipment plays a fundamental role in fire departments.

„When these chemicals get into the lungs of a victim or a firefighter, it’s a very serious fire today,” explains Captain Paul Garcia of the Hialeah Fire Department.

The new technology includes sophisticated sensors to detect humans and animals in near-zero visibility environments. They are small now, the old ones were very large and difficult to use in extreme situations.

„It gives us a greater ability to search for a person InfraredIf they are underAnd in the dark”, since the masks are more visible and stick to the face, they have Bluetooth connectivity and horns or side speakers.

„It helps to communicate with the same colleagues at the scene of the fire or with groups outside the burning building.”

Mask filters can now retain more toxic particles „and we’re not breathing those toxic fumes for longer, giving us a better chance of survival.”

The clothes also incorporate modern technology. They are highly flexible, lightweight and resistant to extreme temperatures. Can withstand temperatures of up to a thousand degrees Fahrenheit.

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The training is standard, requiring both the most experienced and the newest, 18 men and one woman to join the Hialeah Fire Department.

The city’s mayor, Esteban Bowo, said they are „helping the citizens of Hialeah, a commitment not only now, but in the long term, to ensure Hialeah takes care of itself and takes care of itself.

In February of next year, Hialeah firefighters will get another building, which they call the Fire Training Center. It has already fulfilled its functions, it is 13 years old, and another one will come with more technology according to this period.

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