Here’s what happened at the 2023 KTM Europe Adventure Rally-Norway

Cool adventures in Norway with orange everywhere.

If a brand wants its customers to experience all the capabilities its bikes bring to the table, there’s no better way than to experience the machines in their natural habitat. KTM has a knack for going the extra mile to bring legitimate adventures to all who are willing, and the Europe Adventure Rally was perfect for it, especially in the cold hills and mountains of Norway.

KTM Europe held its sixth edition of the European Adventure Rally in Norway, the stomping grounds of the Vikings (the real ones, not the sports team). The landscape is filled with orange (and blue for some bikes). Bikes and riders from all over the world flew to the destination to participate and feel what their bikes could do.

Adventure models ranging from 390 to 1290, the hills were packed with riders and their trusty KTM offroaders. The rally was held by Strava Norway, a trail set to explore and cover wild and rugged terrain.

Rides like this are best done in groups for the odd motivation. You know accidents can happen on the track, and KTM knows this. Of course, seasoned pros have no problem traversing the vast hills of Strava, Norway. Even from the pros down below, Chris Birch can ride wheelies, drifting, and track tracks without breaking a sweat (at least based on the video).

Apart from that, Team Orange had the full support of more „alternative” riders during the event, but it was not only an experience for the KTM riders, but also an opportunity for these riders to learn in-depth information from KTM. .

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Participants include Birchy (Chris Birch), Mr. They were also treated with Say No to Slow. The system was geared towards experienced riders, but even first-timers had plenty of opportunities to learn more about their bikes.

Where does KTM go next for 2024? We will certainly find out in the seventh edition of the KTM Europe Adventure Rally.

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