Here are CEOs’ current priorities for IT leaders

„Today, CEOs are more tech-savvy and tech-savvy than ever before,” says PwC’s Phaneuf. “They educate themselves and know enough to ask the right questions. It’s not just about CEOs. They are boards of directors and all senior management. „Everyone is becoming more tech-savvy and tech-savvy, and that’s boosted IT.”

Phaneuf believes that CEOs’ IT priorities demonstrate a recognition of how work in one area of ​​technology enables others.

So, it is not surprising CEOs’ number one mandate is for CIOs to lead digital transformation. More CEOs understand that they need a modern IT environment if they want to embrace AI, streamline IT spending, and implement modern security protocols.

In the same way, CEOs realize they need AI to deliver unique customer experiencesCollaboration.

At the same time, Phaneuf says that heCEOs want CIOs and their business counterparts to be strong collaborators so they can identify use cases where technologies provide demonstrable value. and „Ensuring that technology is integrated into the business, adding to the business rather than detracting from it.”

„CEOs are asking CIOs to modernize, get rid of technology debt, get data in shape, and work with others because they know that if they don’t do that, they won’t be able to innovate or adopt new technologies, Phaneuf says. „It’s about the ability to be as agile and fast as everyone else in the market.”

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