Henry Cavill saw 'The Flash’ and loved its new Supergirl

There’s been so much positive buzz about The Flash that, honestly, it’s a wonder the controversy surrounding both the Snyder-era DCEU was destroyed before Ezra Miller and James Gunn took over. But this film seems to use Flashpoint as a bridge between the ages, and everyone who has seen it seems to be singing its praises.

One of them appears to be Henry Cavill.

Despite a tease arranged by Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam, the former Superman will not be returning for the role in the James Gunn era. But she has reportedly seen the film, and has received high praise for her masterful adaptation of it, replacing Clark Kent in this alternate timeline as the larger Supergirl.

Kale said he met Cavill after the film was over and asked him about his performance as Kara:

„Yes, I met him,” said Cal Entertainment Weekly. “I met him a few months after the completion of the film. I gave him a big hug. You know, it’s Henry Cavill, man! Our man of steel. He was kind and very accurate and it was a great experience.

„I asked him, 'Did I make you proud? Does Superman approve? And he said, 'Sure. You did an amazing job.’ I think, for me, it means the world because it’s Henry Cavill, the Man of Steel.

There are additional reports that Cavill watched The Flash and „loved it,” and in other interviews, in addition to Cavill, Calle also recently spoke with Melissa Benoist, who played Supergirl on her CW series for six seasons with the show. ends in 2021 (and the Arrowverse ends shortly after, this year).

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I remember back when it was said to be the „new era” of DC with Kale’s Supergirl and Leslie Grace’s Batgirl. Now, it’s amazing to think that Calle’s Supergirl could be the co-star of one of the best DC films in recent memory, while Grace’s Batgirl movie was deemed so seriously damaging to DC that it was completely scrapped despite its completion. Such a strange situation persists.

I don’t really know Henry Cavill’s taste in movies, but I know he is one The biggest Stick to the nerd story because they deviated so much from the source material that he left The Witcher. So I think Kale does a great version of Supergirl that not only continues her legacy, but also stays true to the comics she’s drawn to. We will see soon.

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