Hannah Minghella is heading up the animation for Netflix

Hannah Minghella is stepping out of her Bad Robot to lead feature animation and live-action at Netflix.

Minghella will report to new film chief Don Lin, who recently reorganized the division to place more emphasis on genre. Along with Minghella, Sharon Taylor returns to Netflix to produce feature animation from Vancouver.

Karen Tolliver, who was named to lead feature animation in 2022, and Traci Balthazar, head of feature animation, will leave Netflix after launching films. Leo And Pneumonia.

As previously announced, the new structure will see Ori Marmur oversee action, fantasy, horror and sci-fi titles, while Kira Goldberg will handle thrillers, dramas and family films. Naija Kuykendall will oversee faith-based, young adult and holiday offerings, while Jason Young will handle comedies and rom-coms.

Minghella most recently served as film director for JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot shingle, where he worked for four years. Prior to that, he spent nearly 15 years at Sony Pictures and Columbia. Her credits include A chance for cloudy meatballs, Hotel Transylvania, The Smurfs, The Amazing Spider-Man And 21 Jump Street.

Lin said in a statement: “Hannah brings her unique talent and experience to the role, along with strong relationships with top filmmakers. As a studio executive and producer, Hannah has overseen multiple franchise films across animation and live-action. I am confident that his expertise will deepen our efforts to bring variety and quality to both our animated and live-action family film slate.

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