HAF 'Lily Frankie Heads 'Diamonds in the Sand' debut feature

Japanese actor Lily Franki, who starred in „Shoplifters” and „Like Father Like Son”, is leading the cast of international co-production „Diamonds in the Sand” appearing at the Hong Kong – Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF). ) is a work in progress.

Created and directed by Janus Victoria, the film began as a study of the Japanese phenomenon of kodokushi, or lonely death, where elderly people living alone die months after their death due to the isolated lives they lead.

According to Victoria, Frankie's Yoji is a divorced and downtrodden Japanese salaryman who gives up everything and moves to Manila. He believes that no one in the Philippines is alone. For all its flaws and discomforts, Manila's chaos offers the promise of life, human connection, and unpredictable destiny, in contrast to Kodokushi's dark, quiet determination.

Victoria has completed seven short films, including „Hobia Express” (2006) and „Myth of Manila” (2021), which won the Best Short Film Awards at CinemaNila and Sharjah respectively, and has written and directed nearly a hundred feature-length reports. Documentaries for Philippine broadcasters.

The cast also includes Yoshiyuki Kazuko, a veteran who has appeared in hundreds of Japanese films including „Empire of Passion” and „20th Century Boys,” and Maria Isabel Lopez, a Filipino beauty who started her career in numerous controversial films. Sexual and sensual content, and has become an award-winning actress in Brilland Mendoza's films. They are joined by young star Charlie Dizon, who made his name internationally with Antoinette Jadayon's „Fangirl.”

The project first appeared on the circuit at the 2013 Talents Tokyo presentation and won the Grand Prix there that year. The project also participated in the Torino Film Lab (winning the Audience Choice Award), Rotterdam's Cinemart, FTCP Project Market and the Tokyo Cap Financing Market.

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It is now structured as a three-way Japan-Philippines-Malaysia co-production. Producers are Malaysia's Lorna Dee (Paperheart), Philippines' Dan Villegas (Project 8) and Japan's Soka Masumi (Spanish Films). Other credits go to Nathan Studios, CMP Film Services and Japan's IS Field. Veteran producer Ichiyama Shozo also serves as executive producer. The film is supported by the International Production Grant (Japan's Institute of Cultural Affairs), the International Co-Production Fund (ICOF) of the Philippines, and Tokyo Talents.

Technical credits include cinematographer Akiko Ashizawa („Tokyo Sonata,” „Revenge is Mine, All Others Pay”) and editor Soo Mun Tai („Mrs. K.,” „Gardens of Evening Mist,” „The Breaking Eyes,” „Abang”). including. Adiq”).

„After 11 years, I am delighted to bring this film to the world,” said Dee.

Made on an $800,000 budget, the film will seek a sales agent, pre-sales and festival berths at HAF.

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