„Hacker grandparents”: In Avilés young people are taught how to use technology

„I work more or less well with the Internet, but I’m very bad with my cell phone,” says María Teresa Lojo, one of the elders who participated in a generation meeting organized yesterday at the CIFP Avilés – former Suanzes. Management and finance students will be taught the fundamentals of acquiring digital skills. First is opening a new email account and then learning how to use a mobile phone. „I’m like a blind man,” says Julián Jiménez, 78, who writes down each step his students take in a notebook, „and this is the first time I’ve ever gone to a computer in my life.” Luisa de la Coba and Mireya Soeiro are the one-day teachers of Lojo and Belayo Suarez and Hector Amador are the teachers of Jimenez. They motivate them and mark every mouse and keyboard movement. They smile and the others respond with mocking looks. Some are digital natives and others are paper and pen and they all understand together.

Maria Teresa Alvarez is another 70-year-old student. He argues that knowing the tools „even if only a little” is „important”. His instructor, Emma Rysko, said that „everyone” should understand how to handle new technologies, regardless of their age, and did not hesitate to show it to her „student”. Some of the older people have some basic knowledge, such as searching for pictures on the Internet or typing „slowly” on the keyboard, although they recognize that „they were not born in this era, everything is too difficult for them. .” „Before, I knew how to ask for time to go to the treasury online (to file income tax returns), I forgot, and I want to learn again,” Maria Teresa Lojo enthuses about this intergenerational meeting that will help everyone. The second session will be held on Friday.

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