Governor Moore Shares Vision for an Inclusive, Equity and Resilient Economy in Maryland During Bloomberg CityLab Plenary Session – Press Releases – News

Annapolis, MD – Governor Wes Moore today shared his vision and top priorities for Maryland in 2023. Bloomberg City Lab Plenary session in Washington, DC. The three-day event, organized by Bloomberg Philanthropy in association with the Aspen Institute, will bring together more than 500 innovators, business leaders, artists and activists to discuss and discover reflective solutions to pressing issues.

„I want the people of Maryland to know that we care deeply about their communities.” said Governor Moore. „I want to see the issues head-on, and I want communities to be at the table when we’re talking about how we’re going to fix them — how we’re going to shape this decade of Maryland.”

Bloomberg CityLab was founded on the principle that the most important innovation happens at the local level.

During the session, Governor Moore discussed with MSNBC anchor Jonathan Capehart how success is deeply intertwined in communities across Maryland—whether in cities, small towns or rural communities. The governor outlined his vision for making this decade of Maryland a new era of resilient, inclusive and equitable economic growth through action by the Moore-Miller administration. Key to the administration’s approach to spurring innovation is significant investment in improving transportation and service.

Governor Moore declared Restart The Baltimore Red Line To significantly improve east-west connectivity throughout the Baltimore region. Designed by more than ten years of study, engineering, environmental analysis and substantial community participation, the Red Line project’s relaunch will improve transit efficiency, increase access to work and activity centers, and provide connections to existing transit and other modes of transportation. More passenger choices, and supporting economic growth and social revitalization

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„Better east-west transit in Baltimore has been identified as a need for more than a decade. The Baltimore Red Line project incorporates many critical community needs identified through an extensive community engagement process. said Governor Moore. „Revitalizing the Red Line demonstrates our commitment to economic development, transportation, climate action and equity. This project will be an investment in jobs, education, services and opportunities for residents.

of Governor Moore Service Act Created a first-in-the-nation service year option to promote community service among youth, allowing them to give back to their communities, pay for their work and provide training options to act as a bridge to employment and additional service opportunities. or continuing education. By new Maryland Department of Service and Civic InnovationService opportunities will help address priority issues facing Maryland, including climate, education, health and workforce expansion.

„We must be a state that serves together, a state that works together. That is why the Service Act was so important. said Governor Moore. “Maryland is now the first state in the country to have a service year option for our high school graduates. The first step is to move away from political exclusion and secession. If we serve together we will stay together. If we are united, service will save us.

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