Google Doodle celebrates Indonesia’s Lake Toba, the largest crater lake and UNESCO Global Geopark

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates Lake Toba, also known as Tanau Toba, located on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Lake Toba was designated a UNESCO Global Geopark on August 31, 2020.

Lake Toba is the largest crater lake in the world and one of the deepest lakes in the world. It was formed thousands of years ago as a result of a massive volcanic eruption from the Toba caldera and is now home to a UNESCO Global Geopark and boasts beautiful scenic views.

The eruption of the Toba caldera 74,000 years ago led to the formation of Lake Toba. Collapse of the volcano’s magma chamber created Samosir Island, a popular tourist destination and home to various indigenous tribes.

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In addition to celebrating Lake Toba, it is important to recognize the indigenous people of the lake, the Batak Toba tribe. Their traditional villages, local markets and unique houses attract visitors from all over the world. Traditional dances like tor-tor and authentic wood carvings are common in these villages.

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Lake Toba offers tourists a wide range of outdoor activities and stunning natural wonders. Enjoy paragliding in Huta Jinzhang or those not afraid of heights can relax on its beaches and kayak across the lake. Another must-see attraction is the nearby Chibiso-Piso Falls, which offers a truly extraordinary experience. This doodle is spread across the island regions of Indonesia. The Google Doodle depicted shows the serenity of Lake Toba.

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In another doodle published today, Google Doodle marked Malaysia’s 66th National Day by celebrating Hari Merdeka. On this day in 1957, Malaysia’s predecessor, the Federation of Malaya, declared its independence from British colonial rule. More than 20,000 people gathered to witness the National Anthem and government officials raised the Malayan flag on this momentous occasion.

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